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Official Cubic Islands Server Rules
4 months ago

Official Cubic Islands Server Rules

(( failure to follow these rules will result in punishments
that are outlined in the following rules ))

1. Respect anyone and everyone
We believe in respect for not just yourself, but
everyone else on the server. Staff and players combined. Any
player caught violating this rule will receive one of
the following punishments are listed below...
   • 1st Offense - Global Warning
   • 2nd Offense - 3 Day Mute
   • 3rd Offense - 14 Day Mute
   • 4th+ Offense - 30 Day Mute

The Update Apocalypse
5 months ago

The title explains a lot of it. I am making updates to the server left, right, and center. There is usually multiple updates a day. If you appreciate the effort I am putting into the server you can donate at

25% of all donations will go to people in need, charitys, or other places that will help out people who are in need.

Don't miss a update! Join our Discord server to always be up to date on the newest stuff. Or if you are more of a explorer join the server using the IP The server is always up and just waiting for you to join!

Hope everyone is staying safe too! Enjoy!


New Website!
6 months ago

Hello there! As you may notice we now have a website! This is a forums site mainly but it will count as our website! The URL is of course You can also sign up and link your minecraft account to the forums by doing /register while on the server.

Happy posting guys! :D


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