The server has been officially release!
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First post in general hehehe :)
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Official Cubic Islands Server Rules(( failure to follow these rules will result in punishmentsthat are outlined in the following rules ))1. Respect anyone and everyoneWe believe in respect for not just yourself, buteveryone else on the server. Staff and players combined. Anyplayer caught violating this rule will receive one ofthe following punishments are listed below...   • 1st Offense - Global Warning   • 2nd Offense - 3 Day Mute   • 3rd Offense - 14 Day Mute   • 4th+ Offense - 30 Day Mute2. Duping, Glitching, etc.If you either Dupe, Glitch, or do anything similarwith malicious intent it will result in a instant perm banfor abusing said dupe or glitch. Don't think you doing thatwill ruin the server. We have systems in place to roll backthe server to before anything was abused. Don't think youdid anything cool. We would honestly be happy becauseyou exposed something we can patch. In that case thanks!   • 1st Offense - Perm Ban   • 2nd Offense (Alting) - IP Ban   • 3rd Offense - Blacklist3. Blacklisted ModificationsAll modifications listed below will all result inthe same punishment no matter which one it is!Go to HERE ( view the list of allowed modifications.4. Discrimination & Derogatory RemarksWe do not support discrimination or derogatoryremarks at all.Examples of these remarks are...   • N*gger or anything similar   • Gay, faggot, etc.   • Cracker   • BeanerThe following punishments are listed below...   • 1st Offense - Global Warning   • 2nd Offense - 2 Hour Mute   • 3rd Offense - 7 Day Mute   • 4th Offense - 30 Day Mute   • 5th+ Offense - Perm Mute (no appeal)5. Inappropriate IGN/Skin/Cape/etc.Anything that contains racist,disrespectful, or sexual content willbe apprehended with the following punishments...   • 1st Offense - Perm Ban (you may appeal when inappropriate content is changed)   • 2nd Offense (If changed back to inappropriate content multiple times) - Perm Ban (no appeal)6. No IRL (In real life) trading/Scamming/ChargebacksWe do not permit the trading of real money forin-game items. We also do not allow scamming of any kind.We also do not allow Chargebacks. Any offense of these rulesin any combination of them will result in the following punishments!   • 1st Offense - Perm Ban (with appeal)   • 2nd Offense - IP Ban (no appeal)   • 3rd Offense - Blacklist (no appeal)7. Console clients (at spawn)While we do allow console clients, wedo not allow them to sit at spawn or any otherserver built zone (Spawn, Shop, etc.) as it couldbe a spot taken up for another legit player. Failure tocomply with this rule will result in the following punishments.   • 1st Offense - Global Warning   • 2nd Offense - 30 Day Ban (ALTING DURING THIS BAN = A PERM BAN ON BOTH ACCOUNTS)   • 3rd Offense - Perm Ban (Appeal if valid evidence is provided)8. No punishment evading (bans, mutes, etc.)We do not allow you to evade your punishmentsby going on another account. If you are caught doingthis it will result with the following punishments...   • 1st Offense - Perm Ban (all accounts)   • 2nd Offense - IP Ban (no appeal)   • 3rd Offense - Blacklist (no appeal)9. General Chat Rules We do not allow the following content in chat...   • Links (unless on the forums or in #showcase on discord)   • Discrimination   • Death Wishes/Threats   • Suicidal Encouragement   • DOXXING Threats   • Mostly Speak English (we don't want to discriminate)   • Don't spam or attempt to cause spamAll of these will result in the following punishmentswith any combination of them on your record...   • 1st Offense - Global Warning   • 2nd Offense - 3 Day Mute (with appeal)   • 3rd Offense - 30 Day Mute (with appeal)   • 4th Offense - Perm Mute (with appeal)   • 5th+ Offense - Perm Ban10. No faking evidence of others "cheating"If you fake the evidence of others it willresult in a PERM GLOBAL BAN and you will loseyour ability to report players. Do not evade as itclearly states in rule #8 that evading is a PERM BAN.11. No insiding or griefingIf you inside another persons islandor grief the server in any way it willresult in the following punishments...   • 1st Offense - 30 Day Ban (with appeal)   • 2nd Offense - Perm Ban (no appeal)   • 3rd Offense - BlacklistAll of this rules are in place for you to always follow. If any player (including staff)is caught violating these rules they will be handed out the appropriate punishment as stated by these rules.(( these rules are subject to change at ANY TIME so don't complain if you didn't know one ))rules last edited on July 15, 2020 at 2:50AM EST
3 months ago

The title explains a lot of it. I am making updates to the server left, right, and center. There is usually multiple updates a day. If you appreciate the effort I am putting into the server you can donate at 25% of all donations will go to people in need, charitys, or other places that will help out people who are in need.Don't miss a update! Join our Discord server to always be up to date on the newest stuff. Or if you are more of a explorer join the server using the IP The server is always up and just waiting for you to join! Hope everyone is staying safe too! Enjoy! Discord - -
4 months ago

Hello there! As you may notice we now have a website! This is a forums site mainly but it will count as our website! The URL is of course You can also sign up and link your minecraft account to the forums by doing /register while on the server. Happy posting guys! :D  
4 months ago